Shortly has been acquired by

A few years ago I built an app for reading short stories based on how much time you have. It was simple, you select how long you have and then it gave you a story of that length. I created this to teach myself how to code, but as soon as I got it out there people really liked it. It was the #1 ranking app on App Store in the US and UK in its category. More than a million stories were read on the app before I introduced the ability to write. It was still a side project for me at this time but a problem was very apparent: every writer would at some point struggle with writer’s block.

When things changed

The Future

You might be wondering what this means for current Shortly users. For now, Shortly will remain a standalone product. Existing users will stay at their current price point and everything keeps rolling as normal. For the future, I am excited about the future of AI-writing when you combine the qualities of Shortly and — I am confident that I am leaving it in good hands. If you are wondering what happens to me, I am not quite sure where my curiosity will take me next. If you are at all interested, be sure to follow me on Twitter :)

Qasim Munye

Founder of Shortly

Founder of ShortlyAI (acquired by Medical Student at King’s College London.